The Andaman Coast

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The Andaman Coast

A World of Stunning Natural Beauty
…blessed with a whole string of magnificient beaches and coves bathed by the clear blue waters of the Andaman sea

Justly famous as one of the world’s premier tropical beach resorts, Phuket blends extraordinary natural beauty with superb tourism facilities to ensure the perfect vacation in the sun just an hour’s flight from Bangkok.
Against a backdrop of green hills, the west coast of what is Thailand’s largest island, covering 810 sq. km., is blessed with a whole string of magnificent beaches and coves bathed by the clear blue waters of the Andaman sea. Matching nature’s bounty is a wide selection of hotels and resorts in all categories from super deluxe to budget bungalows, while for leisure, pleasure and sheer indulgence there are water sports, yachting, scuba diving, world-class golf, spa treatments, exquisite dining and more.
Yet Phuket is not just an island in the sun; as a province in its own right it has a wealth of scenic and cultural attractions. Buddhist temples, Chinese pagodas and Muslim mosques, as well as the fabulous annual Vegetarian Festival, attest to a multi-cultural history; magnificent mansions built in the Sino-Portuguese style tell the story of riches made from tin mining in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and rubber and coconut plantations contrast with areas of surviving virgin forest in a refreshingly green land scape.
In all, Phuket is an island of unparallel beauty and unique cultural traditions, a place to explore as well as where to relax totally and relish the vacation of a lifetime.


From Nigeria Emirate and Qatar Airways , Thai Airways International, Nok Air, Air Asia, One-Two-Go Airline operate several flights daily from Bangkok to Phuket, with a flying  time of one hour. Private carrier Bangkok  Airways has flights from Ko Samui, while Phuket can also be reached by air by air from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and other regional centers . Airconditioned buses depart daily from Bangkoks Southern Bus Terminal and the bus take about 14 hours to complete the journey to Phuket. There is no rail link to the island.

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