Dubai shopping festival, a world class, internationally acclaimed festival is just the right place for pious shoppers, a new world of discovery for adept of taste, Garden of Eden for family and Disney world brought down to Dubai for children. Aside from the heavily discounted, tax free shopping that this festival is majorly known, the festival is also packed with lots of entertaining programs and events for its guests. Everyone who comes to this festival is sure to have more than enough share of the exciting and heavenly activities organized for this festival.

Scheduled to commence 3rd of January and end 3rd of February 2013, the 32 days extravaganza is set
to bring out the best from its host country by featuring wonderful display of fireworks to indicate
the commencement of the festival, uniquely organized shopping competitions, entertaining street
performances and various performances of artists during the festival. Mind blowing activities have been
cataloged to enthrall visitors and residents during the festival in 2013, some of which are:

Tax-free shopping: the celebration will begin with entertaining street performances and fireworks
display. Devout shoppers can begin enjoying their shopping which comes with a 75% discount off the
item and also participate in the entertaining events organized during the festival. Notable items on
display include clothes, jewelleries, watches, electronics, carpets, textiles, perfumes, and handicrafts of
major brands amongst other fascinating things.

Children Show: The Dubai Dolphinarium will be organizing an exclusive show for kids during DSF 2013.
There are other events too to keep the children engaged such as Children of World Olympiad, fairs,
cartoon and circus shows.

Sport: Sports freaks visiting Dubai during DSF 2013 will be opportune to engage themselves in varieties
of sporting events, some of which are Football Tournament, open Tennis Championship, Ice Hockey,
Hockey on Synthetic Surface, Skating and Rowing Championships and many more.

The Carnival: the carnival is held every weekend during the festival and will be noted with dramatic
performances and parade of known international artists. Shows by acrobats, percussionists, dancers,
musicians, jugglers and many more awaken the festive spirit all across the country and visitors will get to
enjoy live concepts and jazz performances. The carnival which will be held in different locations would
be done with different themes like Chinese, Arabic, Russia and lot more

Attractive Prizes: coupled with tax-free discounted rates shopping that will be done, shoppers can
also look forward to opportunities of winning several daily and weekly prizes, which will be organized
by participating shopping malls and retailers. There are lots of prizes to be won ranging from luxurious
LX570 car to Dh.100,000 which will be won in cash in the Lexus Mega Raffle. A DSF promotion is
announced by the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group, giving visitors exciting offers such as a chance to win
21kilos of gold worth Dh.4.5mn through raffle draw.

DSF is an all encompassing event for everybody and its has something to offer people of all ages. Events
done during DSF vary from outdoor and fashion shows to international concerts sport and musical
shows and performances.

Date: 3rd Jan to 3rd Feb

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