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Morocco is in northwestern Africa lying against the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, and bordering Algeria and Western Sahara, and is mostly mountainous with intervening plateaus valleys and some coastal plains. The Berbers have dominated Moroccan history for thousands of years, and a strengthening economy is helping to engaging the nation to freer trade with the EU and other partners while boosting education and living standards.
Capital: Rabat
Time Zone: UTC
Population: 34,343,220
Languages: Arabic, French, Berber Dialects
Power: 127/220V, 50 Hz
Currency: Moroccan Dirham – Currently 1 MAD = 0.1159 USD $
Climate: Morocco has a Mediterranean climate that becomes more extreme in the interior, and has a cooler and wetter winter from November to March and a hotter and drier summer from June to late August. – Currently 64º, Mostly Cloudy weather4icon.gif

Morocco is an Arabic country placed in the North part of Africa. It has a rich and interesting cultural and historical inheritance. There are a lot of attractive places to see in Morocco and it is considered an exciting and impressive tourist destination in the African countries. A journey to Morocco, during the Easter holiday, is also a great choice in order to discover some amazing and overwhelming venues. Despite the fact that the majority of the Morocco’s population is Islamic, there is about 1% of the country’s population who is Christian. So, you won’t have the possibility to experience a holiday atmosphere in Morocco’s cities, during your journey there.

One of the best destinations in Morocco during the Easter holiday is Marrakech city, which is located in the South part of Morocco. The city is divided in the old part, The Medina and the modern area, The Gueliz. Marrakech is a really interesting destination selected for spending the Easter holiday. You have to be aware about the fact that it will be a usual day passing in Marrakech while Easter day. One of the advantages of your trip to Marrakech at Easter holiday is the pleasant weather there.

Marrakech city is known as The Red City, representing one of the ancient imperial cities in Morocco. The city’s architecture is fabulous. You will enjoy a pleasant walk through the narrow streets, surrounded by ancient stone constructions. The colored and impressive shops will attract you with their enormous variety of the incredible embroidery, colorful dresses and mufflers. This unusual shopping experience will be unforgettable, because of its original and distinctive elements. The medieval square, The Djemaa el-Fna Square, in Marrakech is considered the major venue in the city, where you will notice the people’s cultural and the local traditional manners and customs. The square is also hosting acrobat shows, story tellers, musical entertainers and local people who are selling traditional souvenirs and gifts.

Marrakech city is appreciated as a spectacular tourist destination, which is surprising with its unique culture, habits and architecture. The city’s pleasant climate is really relaxing and it provides the perfect opportunities to explore the incredible Marrakech’s surroundings. The city is providing many venues and tourist attractions, as wonderful gardens, hospitable shops, monumental buildings and palaces, ancient art galleries and exhibitions. The famous local bazaars represent the perfect attraction for tourists in order to discover the exotic local products and food, magnificent jewelries and the amazing stuff clothing. The most representative cultural institution in Marrakech city is The Marrakech Museum, which offers enormous exhibitions and collections of the traditional art works, historical sculptures, medieval paintings and some of the most valuable art masterpieces that preserve the city’s culture and history.

This fabulous day spent in Marrakech city can be completed with a magnificent evening at the city’s square, where you will enjoy incredible dance shows, story tellers, with surprising stories, benevolent riddles. Afterwards, you can enjoy the spectacular cafes and local restaurants, with traditional local dishes. The Marrakech’s city cuisine is really impressive and distinctive, with its various spices and original products. The accommodation services aren’t a difficulty in Marrakech, because of the variety of local hotels and guest houses provided to the tourists. Because it has plenty of fantastic places to visit and facts to discover, Marrakech city is an extraordinary destination for a really unusual Easter holiday.




Easter is the oldest of the Christian festivals. It is celebrated approximately at the end of the first quarter of the calendar year although its date changes depending on the lunar cycle.

Easter remembers the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and globally encompasses three specific days of celebration.

The first day of the four days is Good Friday, which is the day on which Christians remember that Jesus Christ was arrested and how he died. The following day is known, in some denominations, as Holy Saturday. Then Easter Sunday, or simply Easter, is the day of celebration when Jesus Christ was resurrected from death. Monday is considered a day of renewal.

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Jazz Festival; Africa’s Grandest Gathering:

South Africa’s Treasure; Cape Town is the proud host of the annual Jazz Festival which attracts both local and international jazz fans to 5 different stages across the city to watch musicians do what they are best at doing. The festival features everything from classic jazz and funks to spoken-words and Afropop for two straight days to audience as diverse as the jazz style themselves. Jazz festival being the No 4 rated festival in the world attracts high-caliber performers (local and international) to grace the event.

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Where to go and what to do on your honeymoon? Do you and your fiancé share similar ideas on what your dream honeymoon should be? It’s important to make sure you do. Here are some tips to get you started.

Did you know that in 2013, the five most important factors for newly wed honeymoon couples are:
1. A dream location
2. A reasonable price
3. Comfortable accommodation
4. A good selection of quality food
5. Enjoyable activities.

Start daydreaming now!
Don’t wait. Create time now to brainstorm your perfect honeymoon, talking it through together. Decide what’s really important for you both in this trip of a lifetime. Make lists separately, then compare together.

Ask for advice from family and friends and seek information from travel experts, but don’t try to make another couple’s honeymoon yours. Make sure your ideas are those that take centre stage. Oh, and have fun . . .

Here are some questions you both need to consider to ensure you have the perfect honeymoon:

Have you considered combining your wedding and honeymoon?
Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular. And why not? Combining wedding vows with an idyllic honeymoon venue provides the simplicity of one coordinated wedding-honeymoon package.

One plan, one price and one destination mean one big romantic adventure. There is a huge choice of specialised venues and fabulous destinations both here in Australia and overseas. Read more about destination weddings . . .

When would you like to leave?
Perhaps you would prefer to go immediately after the wedding, or maybe you’d be happier to wait a day or two to recover from the festivities! And there’s always the option of delaying the honeymoon until you have more holiday time or money, or until the weather is perfect in your destination of choice.

How long do you want your honeymoon to last?
Do you want to head off for the weekend, a week, a fortnight or more? How much time can you take off work? For an extended overseas honeymoon, perhaps consider asking your employer for a sabbatical.

What style of honeymoon holiday grabs you the most?
Is it a luxurious Caribbean cruise or a lazy tropical island getaway? Or perhaps the bright lights of Europe’s cities beckon . . . London, Paris, Rome?

When (and where) to go on honeymoon?
Making sure you arrive at the right time of year can make all the difference between a great honeymoon holiday or a disappointingly wet one. And while the skies are not always blue in the tropics, rainfall typically occurs during the late afternoon leaving the rest of the day sunny with clear skies.

Our month-by-month when to go where weather guide provides an instant snap-shot of average weather conditions around the world. From this guide you can easily assess what the weather is usually like at the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

Choosing the right accommodation
Once you’ve decided where and when to go, the next step is finding the right hotel or resort to suit your budget. With so many hotels available it’s a good idea to compare online hotel prices from a large hotel price comparison website. This ensures that you secure the best hotel booking deals offered by the world’s top booking sites, such as Expedia, among others.

What landscape should your destination include?
Would you like your room to overlook the beach or a mountain peak? Do you prefer complete silence during the night or do the bustling sounds of the city excite you?

How much money do you want to spend?
This will probably make a big difference to the type of honeymoon resort you can afford to stay at, but not necessarily the destination. For example, most tropical islands offer a variety of accommodation to suit a range of budgets. Try to put a dollar amount on your budget, then for ideas and tips check out our Budget Tips and Budget Worksheet panel.

What do you want to do on your honeymoon?
Does snuggling up to your partner with a glass of fine wine in front of an open fire sound good to you? Perhaps it’s walking hand-in-hand along a tropical beach with the moon and stars to light your way? Or is it snorkelling in clean azure waters, rock climbing or bouncing around a pristine desert landscape in a four-wheel-drive?

What type of food do you plan to eat and from where?
Is fine dining your preference or do you prefer eating out at less expensive restaurants or even street stalls?

After sunset, how do you want to spend your time?
Do you like quiet, romantic evenings alone or would you prefer going out on the town for dinner and drinks?

Have some fun with the Perfect Honeymoon Quiz
To better understand what you and your fiancé truly want in a perfect honeymoon, have a go at this Honeymoon Quiz.

Note: The Honeymoon Quiz can help you narrow down your honeymoon choices to better match your ideal preferences. To get the best results you and your partner should take the quiz separately. Compare your answers with those of your fiancé and start planning your perfect honeymoon.

As you’ll discover, this may involve a little compromise, but stay focused on what matters most for each of you. Don’t forget, in the years ahead you can take holidays together where you can do or see the things you couldn’t do this time.


Sun and Sand in the City

When travelers think of hitting Europe’s beaches, images of quiet coastal towns and revered beach resorts normally come to mind. Wouldn’t it be great to have the beach option coupled with the culture and sightseeing that a big European city has to offer? Visitors to Barcelona can have their urban sightseeing and big-city fun, with a little beach time thrown in on the side. And after a day of traipsing around town to take in the best of the city, what better way to unwind than on the beach?

Here you’ll find is a wide stretch of coarse sand packed with hip 20-somethings and teens strutting along the beach in the tiniest bikinis. You can also expect to find clean sand and clean water (tested daily). In Barcelona, the most popular urban beach is Platja Barcelona at Vila Olimpica, the home of the 1992 Olympics. Another nearby beach is Platja de Sant Sebastian. Both beach areas have lifeguards to watch over swimmers, areas for the kids to play and showers where you can clean up before heading to a nearby restaurant for some tapas. A trip to Platja de la Mar Bella might get you more than you hoped for: this is the city’s nude beach. Even while relaxing on the beach, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re in the city and not at a small beach town — be mindful of your personal belongings and don’t leave your stuff unattended.

If you’re looking for a quick escape from the city’s more hectic pace, these beaches should do the job. If you’re looking to get farther away, hop on the train and head out of the city to try some of the other beaches along the coast. The most popular coastal town nearby is Sitges, which is just 30 minutes south of the city. A bohemian, artsy beach town, Sitges is a favorite getaway with the young, partying crowd. The welcoming atmosphere welcomes the gay community and the let-loose vibe is reflected on this town’s nude beaches, making this hot spot not the greatest for visiting families.

Getting There
Nearest Major International Airport: Barcelona’s airport, El Prat de Llobregat, is about 7 miles outside the city. From there, visitors can grab a cab into the center of town or hop on a train to Barcelona’s Estacion Central de Barcelona-Sants. Direct flights from North America are hard to come by, and a layover in Madrid is common.

Ground Transportation: The city’s metro service is clean, efficient, fast and, most importantly, it can get you just about anywhere you want to go in the city. Trains run until 11 p.m. on weeknights and 1 a.m. on the weekends. Other transportation options include the city’s bus system, private taxis and even a funicular, a sky-ride option that gives a great panoramic view of the city below (with limited seasonal hours).

Barcelona summers can be hot and humid, the temperatures hovering around 81 degrees F, making this a perfect time for the beach but maybe not the best time to be wandering around the city. The spring and fall are milder, but not ideal sunbathing weather.

Hotels by the water tend to be pricey, as you’re paying for direct access to the beach and harbor — an amenity most of the city’s hotels cannot offer. The snazzy Hotel Arts Barcelona in the Olympic Village is just 100 yards from the beach, and rooms offer a choice of sweeping views of the ocean or the city. This hotel is run by the Ritz Carlton, so travelers can expect the best in luxury and some of the highest prices in the city. Just 5 minutes from the beach is the lower-priced Marina Folch in the Barceloneta neighborhood (“Little Barcelona”).

The Olympic Port is packed with crowded restaurants where big pitchers of sangria and big plates of food are easy to find at any price. One of the most unique restaurants in the port is Talaia Mar, where the chef serves Catalan cuisine and some of his own inspired concoctions, like bacon ice cream. Can Costa, in Barceloneta, is one of the oldest seafood restaurants in the city and has a great view of the water and even better paella. Why eat near the beach when you can eat right on it? Budget travelers can pick up picnic fixings — a fresh loaf of bread, a hunk of cheese, and some smoked sausage or ham — and enjoy a casual meal outside.

Travel Tips
In most European towns and cities, it seems like everyone takes a holiday in August. This means that the touristy spots are more crowded than usual.

While You’re There
Get off the beach and get some culture. Many of the best things to do in Barcelona still involve being outside. Spend a morning taking in the works of Barcelona’s favorite architect, Antonio Gaudi. His fantastical designs can best be enjoyed at Parc Guell. Walk through the crooked streets of the Gothic Quarter, or stroll along Les Rambles and take in the shops, sights and street performers. Finally, end the day like the natives do — with lots of food, even more wine and some dancing at the clubs.

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