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Morocco is in northwestern Africa lying against the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, and bordering Algeria and Western Sahara, and is mostly mountainous with intervening plateaus valleys and some coastal plains. The Berbers have dominated Moroccan history for thousands of years, and a strengthening economy is helping to engaging the nation to freer trade with the EU and other partners while boosting education and living standards.
Capital: Rabat
Time Zone: UTC
Population: 34,343,220
Languages: Arabic, French, Berber Dialects
Power: 127/220V, 50 Hz
Currency: Moroccan Dirham – Currently 1 MAD = 0.1159 USD $
Climate: Morocco has a Mediterranean climate that becomes more extreme in the interior, and has a cooler and wetter winter from November to March and a hotter and drier summer from June to late August. – Currently 64º, Mostly Cloudy weather4icon.gif

Morocco is an Arabic country placed in the North part of Africa. It has a rich and interesting cultural and historical inheritance. There are a lot of attractive places to see in Morocco and it is considered an exciting and impressive tourist destination in the African countries. A journey to Morocco, during the Easter holiday, is also a great choice in order to discover some amazing and overwhelming venues. Despite the fact that the majority of the Morocco’s population is Islamic, there is about 1% of the country’s population who is Christian. So, you won’t have the possibility to experience a holiday atmosphere in Morocco’s cities, during your journey there.

One of the best destinations in Morocco during the Easter holiday is Marrakech city, which is located in the South part of Morocco. The city is divided in the old part, The Medina and the modern area, The Gueliz. Marrakech is a really interesting destination selected for spending the Easter holiday. You have to be aware about the fact that it will be a usual day passing in Marrakech while Easter day. One of the advantages of your trip to Marrakech at Easter holiday is the pleasant weather there.

Marrakech city is known as The Red City, representing one of the ancient imperial cities in Morocco. The city’s architecture is fabulous. You will enjoy a pleasant walk through the narrow streets, surrounded by ancient stone constructions. The colored and impressive shops will attract you with their enormous variety of the incredible embroidery, colorful dresses and mufflers. This unusual shopping experience will be unforgettable, because of its original and distinctive elements. The medieval square, The Djemaa el-Fna Square, in Marrakech is considered the major venue in the city, where you will notice the people’s cultural and the local traditional manners and customs. The square is also hosting acrobat shows, story tellers, musical entertainers and local people who are selling traditional souvenirs and gifts.

Marrakech city is appreciated as a spectacular tourist destination, which is surprising with its unique culture, habits and architecture. The city’s pleasant climate is really relaxing and it provides the perfect opportunities to explore the incredible Marrakech’s surroundings. The city is providing many venues and tourist attractions, as wonderful gardens, hospitable shops, monumental buildings and palaces, ancient art galleries and exhibitions. The famous local bazaars represent the perfect attraction for tourists in order to discover the exotic local products and food, magnificent jewelries and the amazing stuff clothing. The most representative cultural institution in Marrakech city is The Marrakech Museum, which offers enormous exhibitions and collections of the traditional art works, historical sculptures, medieval paintings and some of the most valuable art masterpieces that preserve the city’s culture and history.

This fabulous day spent in Marrakech city can be completed with a magnificent evening at the city’s square, where you will enjoy incredible dance shows, story tellers, with surprising stories, benevolent riddles. Afterwards, you can enjoy the spectacular cafes and local restaurants, with traditional local dishes. The Marrakech’s city cuisine is really impressive and distinctive, with its various spices and original products. The accommodation services aren’t a difficulty in Marrakech, because of the variety of local hotels and guest houses provided to the tourists. Because it has plenty of fantastic places to visit and facts to discover, Marrakech city is an extraordinary destination for a really unusual Easter holiday.



  1. TIPS:
    When seeking a guide, speak to either your hotel or a tourism office or agency – this makes sure you get where you want to go safely and get the most fulfilling experience. Be aware of your surroundings, and women in particular should avoid overt interactions with people on the streets. Western Sahara is a disputed area, and travel to or near that region is either prohibited, or advised against.


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