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…another world
The Seychelles islands are a unique destination faithful to their epithet…”another world”. Since the dawn of time, when they first broke away from the super-continent of pangea as group of sparkling isles that eventually came to settle in splendid isolation in the south-western Indian ocean, they have been a sanctuary for some of the rarest flora and fauna and spectacular natural beauty on earth. And today, for the modern traveler grown weary of mundane holiday experinces, they provide stunning diversity and a wide choice of experience to enjoy.

The seychelles accommodation scene is as wonderfully varied as the backdrop of the islands themselves and provides everything from the well-appointed opulence of 5-star hotels and secluded island getaways to the intimate creole charm of the smaller hotel, creole guesthouse and self -catering establishment. As a basic guideline, a hotel offering more 25 rooms is considered a ”large” hotel and you will still find very few hotels offering 100 rooms or more.

With many exciting new hotel projects already up and running and numerous others on the horizon, whatever type of establishment you choose, you are sure to find one that suits both your personal criteria, your pocket and your aspirations for a truly memorable holiday.

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