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Situated on the calm turquoise seas of the Arabian Gulf, Dammam is now Saudi Arabia’s premiere port and a major export hub for petroleum and natural gas. It is also the centre of learning in the kingdom, thanks to the celebrated King Faisal University.

However, There is more to this city than trade, commerce and industrious students. The city offers quite a bit in terms of adventure, such as the thills and spills of desert safaris and dune bashing. Or for a more relaxing time, you can always take wander through the 20-year-old Red sea coral house that has now become the Municipal Museum, where the traditional style rooms are exhibits by themselves.

You can sample the local culture at the lively bazaars , and pick up high quality jewellery at good and affordable prices at the gold souk. Also worth a visit is nearby jubail. Nestled on the arabian Gulf coast, Old Town of Al Jubail, was originally a small fishing village, but after much government investment has now become a commercial hotspot.

Rub Al Khali: Those wanting to push the limits can explore the Rub Al Khali, or the Empty Quater- one of the world’s largest sand deserts. It is a place of harsh extremes that often called the most barren place on earth.

Al Hofuf: The colourful and bustling camel market of hofuf is the perfect place to spend am amusing afternoon. For a unique insight into how the people of the region have lived for centuries, a visit to the nomadic settlements is a must.


The Arab penchant for luxury is particularly pronounced in Saudi Arabia, and Dammam boasts its share of opulent 5-star hotels. Even the 4-star and 3-star establishments are rather well appointed. Service is warm and pleasant all around.


While Dammam takes pride in its four wheel drives, the city has made sure there is no lack of transportation facilities. Buses and service taxis ply to all the popular sites for around the same price, and interstate trains between Dammam and Riyadh run three times a day except on thursdays.

Official Currency: Saudi Riyal
Languages: Arabic (officilal), English
Time Zone: GMT/UTC ‘Q’ 3 Hours.
ISD Code: +966
Best Time To Visit: November – February
Visa Information: http://www.sauditourism.com.sa

for more info E-info@worldtraveland.com

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