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Summer has always been one of the most exciting seasons of the year. It is the warm, cool and exciting season of the year which mostly is between the months of May to August every year. It is a time of the year people all over the world look forward to. Kids mostly would be on holiday at the peak of the summer season which makes  it more fun as there are more than enough time to visit new places, go camping and spend quality time with love ones. Unfortunately, it is widely believed that summer holidays are mostly meant to be enjoyed by the kids. The good news is that adults are not exempted from the fun. There is more than enough space for everybody to leave their routine lifestyle for a while and embark on a journey to fun land.
Whether you are the timid or the active type of person, one fact remains the same – everybody gets to find summer exciting with the freedom, fun and warm weather that give the season its special glow. one thing that might pose a problem is making up your mind on where to go for this summer or you can’t make up your mind between mountains and beach, water sports and cycle tours, cultural sigh seeing, wellness holidays and sampling a new cuisine or getting that perfect summer destination that combines breathtaking views, glorious sunshine and a huge variety of activities to keep you, your friends and family entertained then here are some awesome destinations that possesses all these needed qualities and more. These destinations promise to leave you wanting for more.
The capital and biggest city of France has constantly being on the list of best summer destinations. The city offers holiday junky more than imagined.It is one city full of romance, culture and history highlighted through it extensive range of sights. You can unravel the beauty of this city by visiting the best of what it has to offer.  From popular art galleries to historic monuments, to an aquarium and fashion museum, Paris is paradise all by itself. The city popular attractions are The Louvre and Towers of Notre Dame. Asides’ seeing the luxuries in Paris, the city is a proud producer of some of the finest wine in the world and is ever ready to thrill your mouth with its product while on a wine tasting experience. the city is highly bustling with life during summer as dozens of festivals provide round-the-clock entertainment, including live classical, jazz and pop concerts in stately parks, outdoor film screenings at sundown, cutting-edge dance performances and several more are held all summer. The Disneyland and other several parks like Discoveryland are also available to keep the kids busy and excited all the while.
Tenerife, Canary Islands
Boasting all year round sunshine, water parks and volcanoes, Tenerife is sure to be a hit with travelers of all ages. A trip to Mount Teide (a dormant volcano) where you can ride a cable car all the way to the top and enjoy the beautiful view of the Canary Islands is a must see. But there is more to Tenerife than just the volcanic landscape. There’s history, beauty, culture and tradition. There are also some excellent apartments available for rent in Tenerife, with catering and self-catering options available. In all, a visit to Tenerife this summer, will fascinate you not just because of it mere beauty but because, this destination in two words, is an “extraordinary beauty”.
If you choose South Africa this summer, then expect the trip of a lifetime. This is the land of safaris and endless sunsets, so you are sure to take home some very special memories indeed. From its deep caves and fast waters to the trees and mountain tops, South Africa is a beautiful destination with a broad mixture of people, languages and cultures.
Want a watch the sunset while lieing on a beach with a glass of wine? The Hampton is definitely the place to be. Offering some of the best beaches in the world, the city is home for exciting oceanfront adventures. While there are excellent sandy options up and down the South Fork, East Hampton’s Main Beach is consistently rated one of the top ten beaches in the country and is ideally located in the new-money capital of Long Island. The likes of Martha Stewart, Steven Spielberg, and Jerry Seinfeld own homes in this trendy town. Aside from lying on the golden sand on the beach, visitors can still enjoy all of their favorite activities, including swimming, jet skiing, boating, surfing, and sunbathing, at the entertaining Pike’s Beach which is on Westhampton.  If you want to get away from the whole beach noise and party scene, you can spend some days in one of the small town like Amagansett where shopping in fine boutiques and dining on exquisite cuisine are the order of the day. Nightlife is never dull here, either, as Amagansett is home to the famous Stephen Talkhouse. In Hamptons, be sure to enjoy a luxurious summer.
Florida, just as the name implies is flourished with colorful, stunning and exquisite places that give sensational feeling of appreciation for sunshine state. There are awesome places to visit like coral castle; beautiful castle made of corals, weeki wachee sprngs where beautiful live mermaid can be seen moving with wildlife. Florida beaches are what made Florida a sunshine state. Secluded beaches like Mac Arthur Beach and Captiva Beach are available for people who want the place to themselves without much disturbance. Bahia Honda beach, Dayota beach, New Smyrna beach and much exotic, white sandy, crystal clear tropical water beaches with much activity like skiing, surfing, snorkeling, camping to keep its visitors engaged. Being the sunshine state, it is summer all year round meaning it is fun galore!!!
The race to book a summer 2013 holiday has begun as the temptation of silky sands, scorching sunshine and glistening seas is making a summer holiday hard to resist. Whether you’re revisiting your dream destination or plucking for something new, bringing the kids with you this time round or spending quality time as a couple, this summer holiday promises to offer the chance to recharge your batteries, spend quality time as a family and soak up some much-needed sun. So pack your bags, get that flight ticket, unfold your map, and hit the road to visit one of these great summer escapes above.
Summer is always ready when you are!!


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