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#Bangkok Tops The World's Most Visited Cities

For the first time in three years, an Asian city is expected to welcome more tourists than any other city in the world.
Bangkok, Thailand will be the number one destination for tourists in 2013, according to MasterCard’s new Global Destination Cities Index.
It beat out major destinations like London, Paris, New York, and Dubai with an anticipated 15.98 million international arrivals in 2013.

The Thai capital tops this year’s Global Destination Cities Index just published by MasterCard, the first Asian city to do so. It had 15.98 million international visitors who spent at least one night. London, last year’s No. 1, was a close second with 15.96 international visitors. Other Asian and Middle Eastern cities are also leading the trend in air travel growth.
International visitors to Bangkok increased by 9.8 percent in 2012, the index says. Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, one of the index’s authors, says that “Bangkok has been able to tap into what we call ‘origin cities,’” feeder cities for international visitors. Bangkok’s top five feeder cities are Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul, its within easy reach of China’s fast-growing markets, and it remains a big draw for visitors from Europe and the Middle East.

Those international visitors spent, too. Although New York was No. 5 in terms of international visitor numbers, it was tops in revenue from those visitors, US$18.6 billion, followed by London with $16.3. Bangkok was in fourth place with $14.4 billion.

Hedrick-Wong and co-author Desmond Choog looked principally at “air travel connectivity,” the number and frequency of flights to international destinations, among 132 of the world’s leading cities. “Of the 12 destination cities showing the fastest increase,” their report says, “all are located east and south of Istanbul with the exception of Moscow.” The growth trend looks likely to continue in Asia and the Middle East. If current trends continue, Istanbul and Dubai will enter the top five in international visitors by 2016. “The world’s most important destination cities are benefiting from this powerful trend.”

The report calls international travel and cross-border spending “very resilient” despite the otherwise sluggish recovery since the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.

Apart from New York, the only city in the Americas to make the top 20 was Los Angeles, at No. 20.

One place seemingly bypassed by increased visitor traffic despite otherwise strong economic growth: “India is underrepresented among Asian cities,” says Hedrick-Wong. He attributes this to “underinvestment in infrastructure:” namely airport facilities in secondary and tertiary cities which make it difficult for international visitors to reach them. And once visitors arrive, he says, hotel infrastructure also lags behind other countries.

The report concludes that “The benefits of international tourism frequently exceed what can be computed in dollar and cents.” Visitors, and the money they spend on experiences they can’t get at home, are “powerful catalysts for nurturing and driving the growth of creative industries and urban cultures, while preserving the past. [They] affect the very quality and dynamism of urban culture itself.

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Quick Facts

The Turks and Caicos Islands consist of 40 islands and cays, eight of which are inhabited. The islands are located 550 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, just below the Bahamas chain and just to the east of Cuba and the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti.) Technically, the Turks and Caicos are located in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean Sea.

The islands are home to roughly 30,000 full time residents, and welcome more than 200,000 tourist annually.

Language – English

Currency – The US dollar is the official currency of Turks and Caicos. Most hotels, restaurants and taxi services accept traveler’s cheques, which can be cashed at local banks. Most credit cards are accepted and banks offer ATM’s as well as cash advances on credit cards.

limate – The average temperature ranges between 85 and 90 degrees (29-32 degrees celsius) from June to October, sometimes reaching the mid 90’s (35 degrees celsius), especially in the late summer months. From November to May the average temperature is 80 to 84 degrees (27-29 degrees celsius). Water temperature in the summer is 82 to 84 degrees (28-29 degrees celsius) and in winter about 74 to 78 degrees (23-26 degrees celsius). A constant trade wind keeps the climate at a very comfortable level.

There is an annual rainfall of 21 inches on Grand Turk and South Caicos, but as you go further west the average rainfall could increase to 40 inches. In an average year the Turks and Caicos has 350 days of sunshine.

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30th.
Visitors from all other countries are required to posses a Visitors Permit, which can be obtained at the Road Safety Department, located on Good Street, Grand Turk and at the office on the Old Airport Road, Providenciales.
lothing – Shorts are worn in town as well as the beach during the day, it is advisable to also wear sunhats and sunscreen. In the evenings, light sweaters and jackets may be occasionally needed in the winter. Dinner is usually not formal, most restaraunts accept dress shorts while others require pants with a collared shirt for gentlemen and dress slacks or dresses for the ladies.

Public Nudity is illegal throughout the islands.
Customs and Immigration – Duty free goods that may be brought in to the Islands include: 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes, 1.136 liters of spirits or wine and perfume for personal use.

There are no restrictions for travellers on the import of cameras, film or sports equipment, except spear guns and Hawaiian slings.

To bring in firearms of any type (including spear guns and Hawaiian slings), you must have written approval from the Commissioner of Police. Controlled drugs and pornography are illegal.

Effective January 8, 2007 all US Citizens traveling by air to the Turks & Caicos Islands will be required by the US Government to have a valid US passport. Cruise ship passengers have until June 1, 2009 to meet the requirement. Visitors from other countries do require passports, but no visas are necessary except from countries of the former Eastern Bloc. They are advised to contact the nearest British Consulate Office.

All visitors must hold a round trip ticket.
Visitors are allowed to stay for 30 days; this is renewable one time only.
For luggage restriction, individual airlines should be consulted.


At Turks and Caicos, Love is all you need because everything else is included.

Undoubtedly one of the most romantic places on earth created for love birds. Indulge in a world of heavenly togetherness, where endless beaches, plush accommodation, intimate restaurants and exotic gardens are perfect interludes for exceptional privacy and romance.

Choose to do as much or as little as you want at Turks and Caicos: stroll along serene garden pathways, wade into hidden grotto pools, sway in a hammock for two or in an aptly-named love basket as soothing ocean breezes stir your senses or get lost in one of the many places created to bring you together. While you always have the option of diving into the deep sea, you may wish to dive under the covers instead.

At Turks and Caicos, there are no schedules to follow or clocks to obey…only hours of each other, alone…

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There is one thing many people would agree on whenever a discussion about the Middle East is brought up and that is its enormous wealth of history, luxury and vast landscape. In the midst of it chaotic environment and political unrest in some countries in the Middle East, there are still wealth of fascinating territory to explore in this vast region that is so rich in ancient history. The magical combination of light, land and sea of the Middle East make it an unforgettable destination.  There are lots of options available to experience from the rich culture, history and ancient forts of Oman to its empty beaches, Palestine’s sacred sites and the old-world lure of Yemen. The Middle East has more than enough to offer its guests. Here are top five most visited and safe cities and countries in the Middle East.


Dubai (UAE)

Dubai is the most populated emirate in…

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travel quotes | Tumblr

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TRAVEL QUOTE (FF @worldtraveland)

The only man i envy is the man who has not yet been to #AFRICA
for he has so much to look forward to”

-Richard mullin