How Christmas is celebrated in Africa

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Uncategorized


To an average African, the month of December means celebration, a season of fun, love sharing and merriment. Time to be spent with family, friends and love ones.  Family members abroad come home to spend the much celebrated holiday with families… Shopping is done for Christmas clothes, shoes, presents, Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.  Fun fairs are organized for kids, parties and get together are organized by companies to close up for the year. Colorful decorations are seen everywhere from companies to cinemas to churches to houses and many more. The streets are dazzling with vibrant adornment here and there.  Christmas carols services are held in many worship centers.

Christmas Day………
The much awaited Christmas day is here!  Top on the itinerary for the day is to attend the worship centers where much celebration would be done. Shouts of joy can be heard from such places and people are eager…

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