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It’s the season of love and there is no better way to appreciate your loved ones than taking them on a romantic getaway. Experience the rich romantic Africa culture in Ghana this valentine season. Ghana is an exciting place for enjoying honeymoons and romance. With exotic hotels, tourist sites and wonderful nightlife, there is no doubt your valentine vacation will be a memory you will treasure forever.

If your interest is in party nights and beach bonfires, Ghana has it all. Although Ghana is not a Safari destination, it still has plenty of nature and wildlife along with the beaches and parks around the country. Ghana faces the Atlantic Ocean and houses many beautiful beaches like Labadi pleasure beach, Kokrobite beach, Ada beach, Fete beach and the Busua beach. Even when the natives are not around, the beaches in Ghana offer a refreshing and picturesque retreat. 

Take your partner shopping at the Kumasi Central Market one of the largest open air market in West Africa with over 10,000 vendors. This is the perfect place to buy just about anything you need including 
cloth, wood carvings and food. Don’t forget to visit the Centre for National Culture also known as the Arts centre, where hundreds of vendors gather to sell wonderful wooden carvings, masks, beads, brass and paintings from local artists.

Go sightseeing at the amazing scenic vistas in Ghana. Some are popular while others are known only to the local villages and may have been visited by few outsiders.

Take a romantic hike to the waterfalls and have a romantic picnic. Hike with your partner by your side to the top of Wli-Falls or Mount Afadjato, the tallest mountain in Ghana. Also take a time out to feed the monkeys at the magnificent Volta Lake.

Ghana is also known for its diverse traditional dishes from each ethnic group. Ghanaian food is fabulous, from grilled fresh fish with spicy source to the West African classic jollof rice. If you want to see where 
you food comes from, don’t miss the exciting colourful fishing town of Elmina along the coast. You will never tire of eating your way through the great Ghanaian menu. From the fufu to banku and gari fotor, everyone has a favourite dish and every region has its own specialists.

The rich magical city will make you fall in love over again with your partner this valentine season. The friendly people, cuisine and culturally endowed experience will sweep you off your feet. Don’t hold back on this opportunity to make your vacation the perfect romantic getaway for two.


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