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Land of Natural Wonders: #BRAZIL 

…surely, its a wonderful destination
Popularly known for being home to top football teams in the world, the Rio de Janeiro carnival and the exceptional Iguazu falls, Brazil has proved to be a wonderful destination with many things to see and do. Being the largest country in South America, Brazil covers a vast expanse of the continent’s northeastern region. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are two of the most visited destination in Brazil offering its visitors an exotic peek into the marvelous heritage and natural endowment of the Amazon.

Rio is one of the most famous cities in Brazil, widely known for its natural attractions, carnivals, samba, Bossa Nova and exotic beaches. It has been acclaimed as one of the most visited places in South America. It is the carnival capital of the world. The Rio carnival is the most popular of all, attracting more than half a million tourists. The carnival is a wild 5 days with celebrations in virtually every corner of Brazil. The carnival penetrates the streets, squares, bars and clubs giving the chance to embrace the euphoria in the air.

Right from the Amazon rainforest in the North, to the tropical beaches in the coastline, Pantanal wetlands and the stimulating cities of the south, Brazil’s vistas are in many ways as diverse as its culture. With her culture having been influenced by the Portuguese, Native Africans, Europeans and Africans, the Brazilian heritage exhibits a combination of sensational cuisine, traditions, music and dance.

With Brazil hosting the 2014 world cup, travelers are preparing for the trip of a lifetime. A total of twelve cities will host matches during the tournament, a diverse collection of towns from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus, a city in the heart of the Amazon. Fortunately a good number of the cities are by the coast, so travelers can take advantage of the trip and explore the wonderful beaches of Brazil. State of the art structures has been raised in many host cities to amaze soccer fans.

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