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About The Carnival

All about one of the most celebrated holidays with close to 1 million people in the festivities. From February 28th through 5th of March, 2014 the people of the “marvellous city” will be celebrating Rio Carnival 2014. The clarion call throughout the streets will be “Let’s Party” and hundreds of thousands of travelers will meet that call by flocking into Rio for this vibrant celebration. While the street parties themselves are enough to satisfy any reveler’s appetite there are still balls, parades and dance club celebrations to enjoy. Rio Carnival 2014 will culminate in a parade extravaganza unlike any other in the world.

Planning for Carnival

There will be so many events occurring during Rio Carnival 2014 it would be wise to plan your trip now as hotel space fills quickly and tickets to balls and parades are a hot commodity it is advisable to plan as early as possible.

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