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Thrace is a place of history, with exceptional ecosystems and virgin forests, a meeting point between western lifestyle and oriental culture. Local hospitality mesmerizes visitors, while fauna and flora fascinates…
The natural reserves of Thrace are among the most significant in Greece. It is here, within the ultimate dominance of nature, within the crystal-lake waters and the ‘hopeful’ green of the forests, where the feasts of colours leads through the ‘walk of life’. The area of Thrace hosts one of the country’s most varied bird-fauna, where one can enjoy endless hours of bird-spotting.
Exploration at Dadia forest and Vistonida lake, distinctively protected biotopes of the region, as well as the Evros river estuary take the mind of a journey, with sole companion the inhabitants of the area, the hundreds of rare bird species who live there.
A wish that time would stand still is what comes to mind after a visit at the village of Livaditis, with its well known waterfalls. Continuing the tour to Thrace, numerous choices are offered; hiking on the paths of Haido National Park, where the oak-tree forest is aged more than 200 years, climbing Balkan’s second tallest waterfalls, with over 40 metres of height and residing at the forest village of Erymanthos, an ideal base for mountain biking, 4×4 off-road driving and trekking. Amid lakes, rivers, fileds and forests emerges the seaside and simultaneously lakeside Porto Lagos village. It is at the striking church of Agois Nikolaos, located in the middle of the lagoon, where visitors become one with the thousands of birds flying around them.
Thrace’s dreamy locations elevate the natural beauty of historic places, where one can experience the harmonic coexistence of East and West, by gazing at monumental Orthodox churches close to Muslim establishments. Touring around Thrace, visitors find themselves at the Pomakohoria district, where they can enjoy going through the little stores of traditional art and get acquainted with the friendly locals.
At the island of Samothraki, the medieval chateaus, the water-and oil-mills, the streaming waterfalls and Fengari (Moon), the tallest mountain in the Aegean Sea, set a scene by far different from urban style.
Tasteful oriental sweets are worth taking home after saying goodbye to Thrace, as they will ideally accompany nostalgic memories generated by this wonderful place.


The Ethnological museum of Thrace at Alexandroupoli

Exploring of the aquatic reserves of xanthi

Getting familiar with the sericulture and the prominent silks of soufli

The picturesque village of komotini

Touring the Dadia forest, in the middle of Evros prefecture

The full of hern birds rivers of Thrace